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Park Policies



Bull Creek RV is an exclusive property where every guest reservation is both important and special to us. Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high-impact periods, special requests, and unprecedented times.
Camping is an outdoor experience; accordingly, we do not offer refunds due to the whims of Mother Nature. Missouri is known for its differentiation in weather. As such, we will do our best to help you enjoy your stay, but we will not refund you due to changes in the weather.

Our park's road is a one way only. There is an entrance and exit. For the safety of guests, the park, and employees, please follow the one way correctly. Guests are not allowed to stop or park on the road. If you are hauling/towing a car behind your RV, we ask that you unload/unhook your vehicle in the gravel parking lot (located by the pavilion). This may mean going around our circle again. Please park vehicles only in the site reserved or in the gravel parking lot - not in another sites, on grass, or in the road.

Check-in: 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM. If arriving outside check-in times, please call or text the office to make arrangements. Early check-in is available if the previous guest has left. Please call to check in earlier.

Check-out: 11:00 AM.

Flood Plain Info:
Bull Creek RV Park is adjacent to beautiful Bull Creek. Bull Creek is a spring-fed creek that establishes our west border and empties into Lake Taneycomo. The creek will flood in certain situations when heavy rain is in the area. We will err on caution when the creek floods and ask all guests to evacuate the park in a particular order. We will never charge our guests for nights when the park is flooded or cannot accommodate guests due to weather. A CREDIT will be sent as a gift certificate to the customer through email for the days, not at the park. The guest will not receive a refund back on their card. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Usually, within 12-24 hours, the creek has receded, and guests can pull back in. We will take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of the guests.
Please visit - for more information.

Cancellations and date changes:
There will be a $50 cancellation fee if the booking is canceled between 7-14 days before arrival. A $75 cancellation fee if cancellation is between 3-7 days prior. A $100 cancellation fee is charged if cancellation is between 24 hours and three days prior. Holiday weekends are subject to a different cancellation fee, depending on the date of cancellation. Bull Creek RV Park understands that sometimes life happens and things arise. We will work with you depending on the date you cancel or move your reservation. But we can not guarantee the dates you need, the site you are in, or adding a day. Regular cancelations, 14 days or more, will have a $1.00 charge for processing.

Guests failing to contact us to cancel their reservation within a reasonable time will be considered a 'NO SHOW.' 'NO SHOWS' are not subject to the same cancellation policies. We will not refund for a 'NO SHOW.'

We love pets, and they are welcome in the park. We want to remind you to pick up after your pet and not let your pet destroy (i.e., dig, chew, or damage property) in the park or dog park. pets are to be on leash at all times. This could cause potential harm to other guests and employees. When bringing a pet to the park, please bring vaccination records. We do not need copies or the information. This is solely if an incident occurs with your pet and another guest or pet in the park. Bull Creek RV Park is not liable if an incident occurs. Guests are responsible for any damage, bills (vet, hospital, or other), and any additional fees or payments. If damage or pet waste is left onsite, you will be charged a fee.
Pets staying in a rental (cabin or rental rv) will be charged a pet fee of $25. Pets will need to be kenneled if left unattended in our rentals. Kennel is not provided, guest must bring thier own. Any damage in a rental is subjective to an additional cleaning pet fee.

Other Park Information:
The park is mowed on Wednesday during the season. If you are in the park we ask that you put up any temporary fencing, lawn chairs, rugs, outdoor toys (i.e., bikes), or other amenities that may affect mowing around your site. A reminder text message is sent on Tuesday evening.
Our RV sites can accommodate different-sized RV's up to 50ft. Each site is fully hooked up - water, electricity, and sewer. With a few of our sites being shorter, if you are a smaller RV (less than 35 ft) and located in a longer site (sites 1-31), we may need to move you to our shorter sites (32-39) to accommodate someone who is over 35 ft long. We do have the right to move anyone in the park if needed.
Any damage to a site, rental, or amenities - pad, patio, picnic table, fire pit, hookups, hammocks, community fire pit, games, etc. - is subject to a charge for replacement or repair to the card on file. Please let the office, camp host, or other staff know if something occurs. This could save you money overall.If a guest is kicked out, Bull Creek RV Park will not refund for rest if stay.
If temperatures are below freezing, a heated hose is required. If you don't have a heated hose and hydrant freezes, it is the guests fault and guests are required to pay for it - charged the card on file for hydant and labor.
Some of our sites are treed. If you have a shaded or treed site, the tree limbs will not touch the top of your RV upon pulling in. However, weather, like high winds/thunderstorms, may cause limbs to fall. We will inform guests of incoming weather, but guests should use their discretion. It is the guest's decision to pull in awnings, slides, and any other RV/Guest property. Guests should keep up with the local weather. Bull Creek RV Park is not responsible for any damage to the RV from limbs or other. We will not refund due to changes in the weather, as said in Paragraph 1 of the policies.
Gate codes are not to be shared with a non-guest. If this occurs, Bull Creek RV Park has the right to terminate a guest's stay, ban them from the park, and/or charge the card on file. This is to ensure all guests, employees, and park safety. Guest friends and family are allowed to visit. We ask that you enter the code or open the gate for them. Please notify the office, park manager, or camp host if you will be having an extra guest.

Our rentable RVs are available to everyone. Pet's are welcome in the rentals with exceptions. If documented damage is done, Bull Creek RV Park can charge the amount for damage to the card on file. Pets must be in a kennel if left unattended. A kennel has 4 walls, a top, and locks; a pen is not considered a kennel. A $25, non-refundable fee is applied. Please see pet section for other details. Early check-in times can not be guaranteed. Any problems a guest encounters during their stay must be noted to the office, camp hosts, or park manager as soon as they arise. We want to note that an RV is not a house, and there are certain things that you can't do - overloading circuits, running hot water for an extended period, running the AC unit below a given degree, etc. Guest cannot spray aerosol cans ina rental RV, the detecors will go off. Bull Creek RV Park manager or camp host will/can provide guests a tour of the RV upon arrival. If guests arrive after 7 p.m., we can not guarantee that someone will be on site.
Key codes are given to guests in a message on the arrival date. This ensures that the guest is staying in the park. The codes (gate or key/door) cannot be shared with a non-guest. If this happens, Bull Creek RV Park has the right to terminate a guest's stay, ban them from the park, and/or charge the card on file. This is to ensure all guests, employees, and park safety. Guest friends and family are allowed to visit. We ask that you enter the code or open the gate for them. Please notify the office, park manager, or camp host if you will be having an extra guest.

Long-Term Policies (month or more):
Monthly payments are due on the date provided to you when signing up for monthly. If a monthly payment is late by 5 days or more, a $75 fine will be added weekly. If failure to pay continues, Bull Creek RV Park has the right to unhook your RV and add a tongue lock until paid. We have the right to decide what to do with your RV after a period of not paying. Fees will continue to be added till paid up. As of January 1, 2023, Bull Creek RV Park Long Terms will pay the first month's rent and a deposit. A refund for the deposit will be sent to the guest after checkout. If any damage occurs - for example, damage to the pad, hydrant or sewer fitting, electric pedestal, amenities (of the park or site), grounds, or other parts of the park - the deposit may not be fully refunded. Due to the park and the city of Bull Creek, skirting - permanent or temporary. If a long termer is kicked out, Bull Creek RV Park will not refund for the month of stay.

Thank you for understanding. By booking with Bull Creek RV Park, you agree to these policies. We do have the right to change the policies at any time.

Policies were updated on June 15, 2023